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Long Island Reef Association, Inc. (LIRA) is a 501C-3 non profit educational organization comprised of marine aquarium hobbyists from all over Long Island.
LIRA promotes interest in and enjoyment of all aspects of the marine aquarium hobby. Through exchanging information with one another, we share our collective knowledge on the care and propagation of these fragile ocean animals, while reducing the demand for wild caught specimens and providing an educational platform to promote the beauty and fragility of the worlds natural coral reefs.  

LIRA collection trip

LIRA also provides resources to the saltwater aquarium enthusiasts in the Long Island and Tri-state area by sponsoring meetings, educational seminars, lectures, online discussions, publications, websites, exhibits, and other means, and serves as a social avenue to connect with other local hobbyists. With education and conservation efforts aimed at improving marine and coral reef environment.

2017/2018 LIRA Board of Directors
President: Joe Lanzon   (QY7400)
Vice President: Savvas Sal Sophocleous  (fishman77)
Treasurer: Vincent Kreyling  (Vincent Kreyling)
Secretary: Nancy Weiss  (AlwaysaLady)
Public Relations Officer: Bill Horrigan (sparky310)
Webmaster: Onkar Harry  (oh207)

Join us in New Orleans for             Join us for
MACNA 2017 New Orleans, LO
NERAC 2017

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