LIRA and the Walt Whitman HS Science Department would like to invite you to our 2020 Frag Swap on May 16th. Last year we had over 550 attendees and his year we’re expecting even more.

Tickets are on sale now. Click here to sign up.

Here's the list of amazing vendors who will have tables at this year event.

Advance Marine Aquatics
Brooklyn Reefers
Cherry Corals
Dynamic Tank
ESV Aquarium Products
Extreme Reefs
Greg's Corals
High End Sticks
Island Fish & Scale
Jason Fox
Marine Farms
Mo's Reef
Mod Corals
New England Coral Connection
POP Corals
Reef Nutrition
Reef Rax
Reefco Aquariums
Salgado Aquatics
Stoury's Reef
The Reef Shoppe
The Tank Breakers
TJM Corals
Tropical Island
Tusi Corals