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Official Mission Statement


To create, form and establish an organization to educate the general public concerning current scientific methods used for creating and maintaining an artificial reef environment; to disseminate materials on how to construct and erect an artificial reef environment; to promote, foster and encourage interest and support for the environment and for environmental issues and causes; to increase, further and enhance public interest and activism for the welfare of the environment; to encourage citizen participation and involvement in the environmental improvement and protection programs and in local and state governments; to hold conduct, and organize meetings, discussions, and forums to consider community opinion on contemporary environmental recovery, restoration and improvement issues; to aid, assist, cooperate, co-sponsor and otherwise engage in concerted action with private and governmental agencies, organizations, and groups on environmental, recreational and beautification program; to solicit, collect and otherwise raise money for the purposes of this corporation and other environmental and civic purposes and generally endeavor to promote the creation, maintenance and preservation of an artificial reef environment for future generations.


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Annual Membership Dues

  • Single person: $25.00
  • Family: (Family membership includes the parents and their children under the age of 18 living in the same household.)    $30.00
  • Non members will be charged $5.00 to attend LIRA meetings.

Membership dues can be made using PayPal:

  1. Solution Graphics

    • Single Membership: ($25.00)

      Home Phone
      RC/LIRA/MR Name
    • Family Membership: ($30.00)
      Home Phone
      RC/LIRA/MR Name

  2. In person:
      (see Vinny at any LIRA meeting)

  3. By check: -
    Make checks payable to:
  4. Long Island Reef Association
    238 Helme Avenue
    Miller Place, NY 11764

Click here for printable membership application to send with check

Questions about membership? Please contact:

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