March 2020 Meeting Speaker

Dan Rigle's LIRA presentation "How to read corals" from our March 2020 meeting.

February 2020 Meeting Speaker

Rachael Parana aquarist at Southampton High School or LIRA's February 2020 meeting

January 2020 Meeting Speaker

Joe Yauillo of the Long Island Aquarium leads an open forum discussion about all things reefing for LIRA's January 2020 ...

November 2019 Meeting Speaker

Greg Hiller's presentation on Reefkeeping Chemistry for our November 2019 LIRA club meeting.

October 2019 Meeting Speaker

Tom Dachille, Neptune Systems Sales Manager, talks about the APEX Controller and modules and how we can use them to ...

Coral Auctions

At the end of our club meetings, we usually host coral auctions of frags from member tanks. Here's an examples ...